The Folk Art Maker


Ever since I was a young girl I relished in all things vintage - an old book - a piece of homespun cloth - a tattered rag doll, are only a few samples.  This came naturally growing up in a home filled with primitive antiques and plenty of folk art.  I have many fond memories taking Sunday drives with my family to a nearby town that was filled with antique malls and shops. Beginning early in the morning dealers would display their wares to folk perusing the aisles for antiques and vintage collectibles.  My appreciation of folk art as a respectable and worthy craft interested me not just visually but also became a tactile one.  I wanted the hands on approach...when I wasn't running around outdoors I could be found spending hours creating my own folk art "masterpieces" using materials around me like scraps of fabric from my mother's sewing room or old sewing pattern books (which I must say were the best supply for hand made paper dolls) along with the standard supply of pencils, paper and paint - just heaven.  So it was only inevitable that after a few bumps and windy roads I eventually was able to do what I was meant be a folk art maker.


I am certainly fortunate to be able to spend my days "playing" with my paints an old papers, molding clay and melting wax along with my vintage treasures.  I take great pleasure creating with my hands and heart with my hope that this is ultimately reflected in my art.